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Floyd County Humane Society was founded in July of 2000.

The PAWS Humane Society (Floyd County Humane Society) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization acting as a safe place for the needs of animals and the community at large in areas served by the society. We are dedicated to preventing neglect, abuse and cruelty towards unwanted or abandoned animals and one of very few no-kill shelters left in Iowa. We strive to encourage humane care and treatment for the animals we shelter and see that their interests and well-being are humanely protected by an aware and caring society.

All of the animals in our shelter are stray with a story we may never know. Some of them unwanted and have been abandoned, while still perfect in all the important ways.  Many have been cast aside by their owners.  Some owners didn’t have enough time.  Some had to move. Some dogs were surrendered because they barked too much, others because they didn’t bark enough.  We don’t always know the reason why these animals are brought to us and never claimed by their owners, but we’re here to show them that they’re worth saving.

The one thing all these animals have in common is that each is hoping for you to bring them home and give them a loving new family. We hope you will help us help them.

Our History

For many years, Floyd County has operated under a state certified shelter. Lost dogs and cats would be picked up and if the rightful owners did not claim their animals within seven days, the animals would be euthanized. Countless healthy and beautiful animals would never get a second chance. The public sought change and fortunately our city agreed. Hence, the Floyd County Humane Society, PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving), was incorporated July, 2000. We rely on financial support from private donations, fundraisers, contractual services, adoption fees, and a portion of tax dollars to operate. The city allowed us to take over the existing animal control building as our new shelter. This building now provides two functions: an animal control facility where animals will await their owners and a humane society where unclaimed, lost, unwanted, or mistreated animals are guaranteed a chance at adoption and a loving home.

Euthanasia Policy

We proudly claim ourselves as a “no kill” facility for every adoptable dog or cat. The term “adoptable” is defined as any animal not too ill, injured, or aggressive that would pose a risk to public safety.  It is the intent of our organization to use euthanasia only in instances where no other options remain.  An elected committee has been designated to issue decisions regarding such actions. Our goal is to find a loving home for every animal under our care. A high priority is given to find innovative, creative, compassionate, community solutions to the problems that face us with too many animals and too few homes. We are dedicated to our name because we believe ALL PETS ARE WORTH SAVING!

PAWS Funding

We generate means to support the community and the animals within it through various means. As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, funding is generated by public events and fundraisers, private contributions, contractual services, and adoption fees.  Without the help and donations of members of the community, we would be unable to fulfill our mission. We function not only as a humane society but also as animal control for the city.  In light of this, the city of Charles City has granted us a portion of tax dollars for budget support.  Your donation is tax deductible!

Shelter Services

All animals must be spayed or neutered before leaving the facility.  If an animal is too young for this to be done at the time of adoption, a voucher will be given to have this done at the appropriate time.  Follow up is done by PAWS on this matter. Vaccinations and health exams are given to each animal upon arriving at the shelter. Euthanasia is limited to animals who cannot be rehabilitated, perhaps because they are too ill or injured or because they are aggressive and there exists a risk to public safety.

Veterinary Services

The PAWS Humane Society has contracted veterinary services through Dr. Frost and Dr. Mallen of the Avenue of the Saints Animal Hospital in Charles City.

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